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With over 100 years of experience, Warner Luce, Inc. has successfully completed over 1,000 large scale, projects in the southeast. Below are just some of the few projects completed in the last 5 years.


  • Successfully completed turnkey project including removal and installation of 19 Round Corner Metal Rectangular expansion and several fabric expansion joints. Expansion joint scope was critical path and finished ahead of schedule and within budget.

  • Partnered with nuclear engineer/OEM to custom design extremely large in-line pressure balanced elastomeric expansion systems for confined spaces.

  • Installations of GIW pumps in FGD slurry and ash applications at all major utilities in the southeast.

  • Reverse engineered and refurbished 20 year old disc stack cage.

  • Designed and manufactured Nuclear safety related products for every nuclear power plant in the southeast.

  • Completion of a large turnkey project consisting of 30 Darlyn 1100CB fabric expansion joints on an SCR, ahead of schedule and within budget.

  • Designed, manufactured and commissioned the largest single man-safe guillotine in a new FGD system.

  • Completed emergency refurbishment of failed turbine crossover assembly for a major utility in less than one (1) week.

  • Performed field inspections of safety related expansion joint systems for future nuclear outage work.

  • Drastically reduced outage times of major utilities by providing material and on-site specialty labor to perform clamshell expansion joint repairs.

  • Completed critical damper repairs during very short outage time.

  • Reverse engineered and replaced 30 year old valve trim that the OEM no longer had in stock.

  • Worked with major utilities to design, manufacture and install significantly upgraded steam extraction line expansion joints that have become a standard in the industry.

  • Time critical pump and bearing assembly repairs provided by the GIW repair and remanufacture facility in Thompson, GA.

  • Re-engineered and manufactured large critical superheat and reheat penetration seals and installed during a short outage.