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Warner-Luce Inc. provides custom engineered equipment and services to the southeast. We represent manufacturers who engineer and build expansion joints, dampers, fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe and tanks, heat exchangers and air coolers, steam turbines, pipe hangers and supports, specialty linings for vessels and piping, and heat recovery steam generators



Metal Expansion Joints

An ISO 9001 certified supplier of metal for piping & ducting systems, pipe stress analysis & finite element analysis services, on-site services including installation & refurbishment.


A worldwide ISO 9001 certified supplier of equipment and systems for isolating and controlling gas flows, including guillotines, diverters, flap, louver, and butterfly dampers.

Fabric Expansion Joints

An ISO 9001 certified supplier of fabric expansion joints for piping & ducting systems, on-site services including installation.

Roto lined Pipe Solutions


Custom Engineered Products for Corrosive applications.

Rotational seamless, bonded linings for small or large substrates, simple to complex


Rubber Expansion Joints


Rubber & Teflon spool type joints, fan connectors, flexible metal hose, check valves. 3DX online for 3D modeling and specifications data. Product specs and 3D Models.

For more information on Proco Products, please check out these videos



HRSGS, Waste Heat Boilers

Design and manufacture of HRSG’s and Waste Heat Boilers. Inspections, aftermarket support and operational improvements

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Heat Exchangers

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
Shell & Tube Exchangers

Heat Exchanger Repair

Design Build, Field Service, Rapid Response


Fiberglass Abrasive Resistant Pipe and Tanks


FIBREX FRP piping, DIAMOND fiberglass reinforced tanks, also including headers, fittings, inspections, installation, and on-site service.RTP-1 Certified Tanks

Slurry Pumps

ISO 9001 certified supplier of heavy-duty pumps for FGD slurry and IGCC service. In house metallurgical lab & complete hydraulic test lab facilities. Complete inspection and rebuilds of pumps, bearings and gear boxes.

Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Air Coolers
Design Build, Field Service, Rapid Response

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Steam Turbine Solutions


Buffalo Steam Turbines – Single and multistage steam turbines and Steam turbines gensets


Pipe Hangers and Supports


Carpenter and Paterson USA Specialists in the design and manufacture of pipe suspension equipment and associated steel work. Free on Line tool, ‘Witch-Hanger’, for state-of-the-art graphical pipe support design software.

Heat Exchanger and Condenser Repair


Worldwide leader in steam condenser and heat exchanger turnkey repair.

Shields/seals and thin walled tube liners for Heat Exchangers and Condensers.


Our featured Manufacturer for January!


Chemical Plant


Mission Statement

Warner-Luce, Inc. is a professional sales organization, comprised of a technically competent, experienced staff dedicated to problem-solving with our Customers within an area of expertise in the Power and Process Industries

Company Focus:

  • Maintaining and growing a technically competent, experienced, and professional sales team

  • Representing manufacturers of quality products and services with a demonstrated dedication to our markets

  • Bringing together manufacturers of products having a high degree of compatibility with one another from the standpoint of system application and market coverage

  • Servicing all Customers in our territory with a problem solving approach regardless of opportunity size

About Us

Since the formation of Warner-Luce, Inc. in 1989, the Company has prospered. Warner-Luce, Inc. was founded in the Atlanta area. The markets that were identified as our focus in our original plan remain unchanged as do the Products and Services that we bring to our Customers. Each of the founders of Warner-Luce, Inc. brought extensive Engineering, Sales & Marketing experience to the Company. Both held Sales & Marketing positions in the Air Pollution Control Industry, with strong focus on the Power, Pulp & Paper, and Cement industries. Our knowledge of the various market applications, as well as our comfort with the products and services of the companies we represent, allows us to develop a high level of sales activity. Warner-Luce, Inc. continues to excel in sales throughout our territory.

Our Team

Warner-Luce, Inc. is comprised of 3, (2) Sales Engineers and one (1) Service Manager. All of our Sales Engineers hold BS degrees in Engineering

Pete Warner, BSCE, joined Warner-Luce, Inc. in early 2009 bringing thirteen (13) years of technical sales experience. Pete has experience in all sales activities including customer presentations, industrial equipment selection & proposals, and comprehensive system turnkey offerings

Jeff Bain, BSAE, joined Warner-Luce, Inc. in early 2012 with over 20 plus years’ experience in technical sales, consultation, problem solving, engineering support, design, equipment selection, proposals, and oversight of projects ranging from small to large, complex solutions and installations of mechanical equipment and controls tailored to meet each client's needs

Susan Jones, Sales Manager, has been affiliated with Pathway Bellows/SFP for the past twenty-eight (28) years. Her experience in Customer Service in virtually all product departments of Pathway is invaluable. Susan joined Warner-Luce, Inc. in 1997 and immediately became an important member of our sales team




Senior Flexonics Pathwaywww.sfpathway.com - Inspections, Expansion joint/damper installations, Turbine Crossover

Refurbishment, Clamshell installations, repairs, supervision

GIW Industrieswww.giwindustries.com - Pump repairs, gear boxes, service and maintenance

Deltak - www.hamon.com - HRSG, Boiler inspection and repairs

SHECO- www.sheco.com- Heat exchanger refurbishment and field services 

CTI- www.cti.com- Heat exchanger tube and condenser tube repair

Diamond Fiberglasswww.diamondfiberglass.com - Inspections, installations, repairs


We're proud of the company we keep

Serving more than 100,000 businesses in the southeast


Contact us

Representing companies that provide engineered solutions....


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call:

Main office: 770-998-2829

Jeff: 404-432-6913  jeff.bain@warnerluce.com

Pete:404-401-0327 pete.warner@warnerluce.com

Susan: 770-998-2829 susan.jones.warnerluce.com 

Main office

500 Sun Valley Dr. Suite E-3

Roswell, GA 30076

Office 770-998-2829

Fax- 770-998-2828

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Request a quote: 770-998-2829

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